Acritech Corporation provides various product manufacturing that meets user needs, from design to development and manufacturing.
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Company Name Acritech Corporation.
Established April 23, 1952
Capital 100 million yen
President and CEO Yuji Omoto

yHeadquarters / Factoryz

Headquarters / factory photo
1018 Kaneko, Oi-Town, Ashigarakami- District, Kanagawa Prefecture

yBranch Factoryz
Odawara factory (inside Mikuni Corporation Odawara Office)

2480 Kuno, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

yOverseas Factoryz
Tianjin Mikuni Makino Machinery Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Mikuni Makino Machinery Co., Ltd. Photo
HongYuan Road,Tianzhi GongYuan No.8A
Xiqing Economic Development Area, Tianjin, China
Main products Auto parts, industrial equipment, machine tools
Major sales destinations Mikuni Corporation, Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Hoshizaki Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, manufacturers of automobile parts and medical device parts
Employees 70 employees
Site area 9,556 square meters


Apr. 1952 Established Makino Textile Co., Ltd. Capital 3 million yen
Sep. 1981 Received certification from Kanagawa Prefecture under the Business Conversion Law
Nov. 1981 Started assembling the carburetor
Dec. 1981 Company name changed to "Mikuni Makino Industry Co., Ltd.
Capital 35 million yen.
Jan. 1982 Started manufacturing die casting dies , jigs and tools.
Apr. 1987 Started production of fuel filters
Mar. 1988 Transferred carburetor assembly department to new company
Dec. 1988 Started resin molding business
Apr. 1991 Started production of pressure regulator for draft beer
Dec. 1994 Started production of welfare and medical equipment
Feb. 1996 Started production of high-pressure plunger pump
Oct. 1997 Started production of high-speed small hole electric discharge machine
Oct. 2001 Start of electrolytic processing machine business
Jan. 2002 Started production and sales of electric wheelchair unit started
May 2002 ISO9001 certification
Jun. 2002 Capital 100 million yen
Oct. 2003 Established Tianjin Mikuni Makino Machinery Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2006 Changed company name to Acritech Corporation.
Jan. 2012 Eco Action 21 certification
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