Acritech Corporation provides various product manufacturing that meets user needs, from design to development and manufacturing.
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Auto Parts
processing and assembly of fuel system and intake system parts
RnEzCniHAg Aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy, etc., precision processing and assembly

Main equipment
3 general-purpose lathes 3 general-purpose milling cutters
2 NC lathes 3 MC centers
Resin molding
Resin molding Engineering plastic functional parts, automobile parts, etc., insert molding

Main equipment
Injection molding machine Horizontal 120 t 1 units
Molding partner companies 4

Mass production parts processing and assembly

Mass production parts processing, assembly Manufacture of mass production parts such as fuel filters, fuel pump modules, orifice assemblies, etc.

Main equipment
In-house dedicated assembly line Hot plate welding machine
Ultrasonic welding machine Laser processing machine
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